Ebrard defends AMLO’s position at Summit of the Americas

Ebrard defends AMLO’s position at Summit of the Americas

Marcelo Ebrardowner Secretary of External Relations (SRE), defended the position of the president on social networks Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador not attending top of the americas If you exclude countries like Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela Who said appointment.

Ebrard Casaubon, in a thread on his Twitter account, explained that the United States cannot exclude and at the same time seek a new era in relations with Latin america With these types of procedures.

It cannot be ruled out and at the same time seeks a new era in US relations with Latin America. If the exclusion continues, it will be the same, the past versus the future that befell us calling for the union of the Americas. You have to choose. Mexico suggests moving forward,” he said.

The Mexican foreign minister explained that President Lopez Obrador is back in the path of former US President Barack Obama, and criticized the Mexican president’s critics for his decision.

President Lopez Obrador is proposing a return to the path Obama started and has since broken off. Sieges and embargoes only bring suffering to the people, not democracy. “Those who criticize us today know that,” he said.

The Mexican president warned this week that he intends not to attend the Summit of the Americas, scheduled for June 8 in California, if the United States does not invite all countries in the region, including Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

As a result of the aforementioned leaders Argentina, Bolivia and Honduras They also expressed the same position as the Mexican president not to attend the summit if the countries of the hemisphere are excluded.

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