Ecuador TV presenter – Noticieros Televisa – was killed

Ecuador TV presenter – Noticieros Televisa – was killed

Ecuadorian TV broadcaster Efrine Rawalis He was shot dead on Wednesday January 27, 2021 while driving his car on North Street GuayaquilPolice announced.

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Details of his murder have been released before Cesar ZapataEighth District Commander of the National Police.

“The dead man was Efrin Rawalis, shot several times;“ The criminology team will work out more details, ”said Cesar Zapata.

Rawalis had reported threats for several months through his social networks.

The officer added that the crime would target the killers ’case in light of the evidence that” all his belongings are inside the car, and thus theft is excluded. “

Rawalis, 36, was also an actor, model, and musician.

He is currently anchoring a live morning show about family comforts on the national TV station in Equavisa.

President Lenin Moreno responded on Twitter: “I have issued instructions so that the investigation of the case can be carried out as quickly as possible, and we spare no effort to clarify the heinous crime.”

The Equavisa newspaper reported on its website that the artist “would have been hit by several bullets while driving his car.”

He added, “Our colleague was moving in his car when he was intercepted after a few blocks from the gym, which he used to go to in the morning.”

The prosecution announced, for its part, that an investigation was opened ex officio into the murder of the presenter.

Rawalis, who used to send spiritual and motivational messages to his followers on social media, posted a video last July in which he said he had received threats.

“Through a call, they told me: Be careful with the messages I sent on Sunday about corruption issues,” referring to their views on the overpricing of medical supplies during the pandemic.

With information from Agence France-Presse


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