Edomex Science Scholarship is awarded to UAEMex students

Edomex Science Scholarship is awarded to UAEMex students


Toluca, Edomex; March 23, 2023. Five thousand 224 undergraduate students of the Autonomous University of Mexico State (UAEMéx) are recipients of the Edomex Scholarship of Sciences awarded by the Mexican government, through the Mexican Council of Science and Technology (COMECyT), who have been distinguished for their academic quality.

In Aula Magna “Lic. Rector Carlos Eduardo Barrera Diaz, Adolfo López Mateos “of the Rectory building emphasized that the scholarship is a tribute to the efforts, perseverance and academic discipline of the beneficiaries, so that they have a better training and career, which in the future will help them open the doors of work and professional opportunities.

“This is an innovative impulse aimed at encouraging the training of professionals required by the development of our state and which contributes to the enhancement of the training of students who study for a period of time at the best public university in Mexico,” he said. .

On this occasion, the Director General of COMECyT, Bernardo Jorge Almaraz Calderon, explained that UAEMex beneficiaries represent 37.3 percent of the 14 thousand incentives offered throughout the entity.

He said the 5,224 scholarship students are spread over 40 academic places across the UAE and their training is diverse.

He emphasized that the scholarship focuses on supporting undergraduate students who are in the first two years of their studies, as according to official figures, more dropouts were discovered during this period and with greater intensity since the Covid-19 pandemic.

“If we can keep students like you at the university for the first two years of their studies, we practically guarantee that they will complete it and that they will be successful,” he said.

The Edomex Science Scholarship is an economic incentive which in this version is equivalent to three thousand pesos every two months and is awarded to students who have obtained and maintained an average of at least 8.0 points during the first two years of their studies, and the time they are in. are considered beneficiaries.

The Edomex Science Scholarship is awarded by a student community from the Faculties of Economics, Geography, Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, Urban and Regional Planning, Chemistry, Accounting and Management.



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