Edomex seeks to revitalize the economy despite a red traffic light


The State of Mexico Still at risk of infection and high demand for hospital occupancy, their economic revitalization is being sought, with some businesses reopening, which is why Mexican society is urged to find the balance between healthcare and revitalization of the family economy, he said. Governor Alfredo del Mazo.

At the inauguration of the professional academic unit in Tlanipantla, the state president stressed that the Mexican entity is currently in a red situation, and that it will remain so for the next 15 days, due to the high risk of infection with this virus.

However, as of February 1, some essential and safe activities to support the household economy have reopened.

While it’s true that health is a priority, and it’s our top priority, it’s also true that we need to find a balance, in a way that we can give that opportunity to the economy, and especially to the family economy and to keep going and looking after health at the same time.”

Thus, they opened shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment centers with limited capacity and hours that allow to start little by little to resume activities

We want to continue to insist very strongly that we are still at risk of infection, we are at a red traffic light, the state of Mexico during this week and next week, in the next 15 days we will be at a red traffic light, and that means there is a high risk, but also, taking care necessary, with appropriate preventive measures, we can gradually resume activities with great care and with great responsibility, especially with regard to economic reactivation,” he emphasized.

The governor added that the health sector is currently recording a stability in the growth rate of cases, but he said that there is still a high rate of occupancy in hospitals, which means continuing to strengthen the infrastructure in this sector.

Alfredo del Mazo indicated that one of the priorities of his administration is to take care of the health of society, as happened during the pandemic period, and stressed that reopening some businesses is a progress towards economic recovery, and that it represents an effort that requires the commitment of everyone to move forward.

Yesterday, they resumed activities, shops, restaurants, commercial spaces, centers and squares with limited capacity, with limited working days and hours that allow us to start gradually to resume activities.”

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