Education brings science closer to schoolchildren in Taverns through robotics workshops


Students in one of the workshops. | Levante EMV

The Tavernes de la Valldigna City Council’s Education Department has launched various robotics workshops targeting third, fourth, fifth, and sixth graders from elementary educational centers in the valleys. The aim of the workshops is to involve students in the process of creating different robots, and learning about their programs and operating them.

These workshops help students develop skills such as innovation, creativity, communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, self-confidence, and learn to overcome mistakes or overcome frustrations and qualities that are essential in any area of ​​life.

Education consultant Anna Belfer noted, “The City Council is committed to educational innovation and conducts activities that promote creativity and collaboration among young people. Robotics workshops provide an incentive for students to learn and develop competencies and skills in areas such as technology and science.

With this program, the council is committed to new technologies to motivate young people in education focused on the future.

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