Efrain Burgos: “We are ready to confront the American arsenal”

Efrain Burgos: “We are ready to confront the American arsenal”

Efren Burgostechnical assistant for Choose El Salvadorr commented on the game that blue will carry it with his US counterpart for CONCACAF League of Nations.

The former national team player expressed his optimism before the match next Tuesday, and announced that the team is ready to receive all the artillery that the team carries. Greg Berhalter.

We know the United States, we know the quality of the players who have many items in Europe. We are ready to face all that arsenalhe isEfraín Burgos commented for Selecta TV.

With regard to the criticism surrounding the Salvadoran team in the recent matches against Granada, the coaching staff of the Blues ask the fans to calm down and make it clear that the mentality will be the same as in the matches against the Caribbean.

The most we do is work with a lot of responsibility and we will take the match against the United States as seriously as the match against Granada. The fans should be calm because the effort is evident in every training session and appears in every match for the national team‘ explained the technical assistant.

On the team’s playing style, Burgos indicated that they would not change their idea against the United States regardless of the opponent’s hierarchy.

“The professor has crafted a style of play that he respects even with the results that have been given. For any coach it is easy to fall back and put a 5-point streak, but the coach did not do that and maintained his style of trying to play from behind,” Burgos added.

It must be remembered that in the showdown, El Salvador put in good performances against the Stars and Stripes, drew 0-0 in Cuscatlán and lost minimally in Columbus in two of the best matches in the entire Octagon.


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