El Mago Pop reinforces its commitment to the United States with the purchase of a theater in Missouri – Publimetro México

El Mago Pop reinforces its commitment to the United States with the purchase of a theater in Missouri – Publimetro México

Barcelona, ​​20 (TV Europe)

Catalan prankster Antonio Diaz, known as El Mago Pop, announced on Monday the purchase of a theater in the town of Branson, Missouri, in line with his “long-term” project in the United States that will start this summer with his participation. “Nothing Is Impossible” premiered at the Ethel Barrymore Theater in New York, on Broadway.

“If we want to make a career in the United States, we need a prime location,” he confirmed this Monday at a press conference from Barcelona’s Teatre Victòria about buying the theater to be called Branson Magic Theater by Antonio Diaz. El Magoo Pop.

From August 17, Diaz will make his Broadway debut and will become the “youngest imaginer” to do so: tickets for the show, which can be seen for five weeks, are sold out.

“My dream is to be on Broadway a month or two a year,” said the illusionist, who will fly to the United States on April 23 and settle in his new theater located downtown with a cast of about 20 people. .

Diaz explained that the Branson Magic Theater will not be hosting shows until the spring of 2024 because when they settle there in 2023 they will be recreating the Ethel Barrymore Teather for their “Nothing Impossible” assembly and disassembly practice.


“Nothing Impossible” is “very similar” to El Mago Pop’s current show, “Nothing Is Impossible”, although there will be some differences in the script to adapt it to the culture of the United States, as well as some games that they will perform in a different way and the videos will also be different. .

“It’s a dream,” Diaz celebrated, recalling how the coronavirus pandemic delayed his Broadway landing, initially scheduled for July 2020, a setback in The Illusionist’s opinion that helped better prepare the play.

Missouri and Victoria

Diaz explained that buying the theater in Branson is part of his commitment to the United States, as it is a 20-hour drive from both New York and Las Vegas, and also because his show is “very technically sophisticated” and they needed a home location.

However, he has also validated his project in Barcelona and at the Catalan capital’s Teatre Victòria, which he will return to in October once his first Broadway run is over, and ensured that the theater will have “a line from programming to match”. while on tour, although he did not specify it.

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