El Niño phenomenon: what is it, how does it affect and when does it occur?

El Niño phenomenon: what is it, how does it affect and when does it occur?

United States Weather Prediction Center Issue an El Niño alertwhere the file is located 62% chance That this system be developed during the months of May and July 2023.

But what does El Niño consist of, which according to the United Nations (UN), The return of a natural phenomenon threatens With breaking world records for high temperatures.

What is the El Niño weather phenomenon?

In this regard, the World Meteorological Organization, El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO)Explain that it is a natural phenomenon Ocean temperature fluctuations In the central and eastern Pacific Ocean to the east, so less warm water is pushed west.

This disruptive pattern is associated with various Changes in climate and meteorological phenomena.

formation The boy brings some weather effects with him dangerous for the region. It can range from heavy rains and floods, but the opposite of drought.

For example, regions in North United States and Canadait represents high temperatures and little precipitation.

However, there are on the shores of the Gulf Wetter than usual weatherwhich could cause an increase in flooding

The last time it was El Niño Watched Fin was in 2019.

El Niño threatens to break global temperature records

For its part, the United Nations indicated that Probability of El Niño occurring in 2023low but high from July and August.

“The odds of this natural phenomenon forming during the first half of the year are low (15% in April-June), although it will gradually increase between May and June (up to 35%) and will grow significantly between July and August (55%).”

United nations.

While the possibility that Until 2026 There are at least a year with temperatures The highest ever recorded is 93%..

“Although the combination of El Niño and climate change caused 2016 to be the warmest year on record, there is a 93% chance that at least one year until 2026 will surpass this record, and a 50% chance that it will reach Global temperature temporarily dropped to 1.5 degrees C above pre-industrial times.

United nations.

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