Could the Internet be Down on April 23rd? That’s what they say on social networks | Viral solar storm | the answers

Could the Internet be Down on April 23rd?  That’s what they say on social networks |  Viral solar storm |  the answers

In these times it is very usual thanks to the help of the internet and social networksSome theories spread quickly and in a short time most people know about them. This is the case of the new theory that has been circulating on all networks and that gives a lot to talk about, because it is a theory solar storm.

Solar storm: Will the Internet collapse on April 23?

Many users are starting to wonder what will happen next Sunday, April 23rd. According to the theory spread on social networks, on Sunday there will be an unprecedented solar storm, as a result of which it can take humanity to the Stone Age.

This hypothetical viral theory indicates that there will be an increase in solar activity, which means that all technologies we know will be interrupted, causing the Internet to shut down as a result of the high temperatures that the atmosphere will reach.

This theory was somewhat confusing, because although it is true that it could happen, everything came from a Facebook page that started publishing some memes that, instead of causing laughter, caused fear among the people who came across the said content, and that’s a little bit. The virus quickly spread.

As is known, NASA has warned on many occasions of the damage that the sun can cause, however, there is no prevention of anything related to the supposed solar storm that will occur on April 23rd.

Solar storm: what would happen if this theory was true?

If this viral theory is true, then all of them will be The solar storm that will occur after the sun completes a cycle, therefore, some of its layers will break off throughout the universe, and enable it to spread at a very high temperature. The first to fall will be satellites, leaving the majority of the world’s population, some 4 billion people, without communication.

Later, animals will be one of those affected by radiation and higher temperatures, which in turn will lead to greater melting at the poles, causing higher tides. The sky would be covered in ashes due to the fires unleashed by all the power of the sun around the world, causing an endless night.

Humanity would suffer from skin cancer if it could expose itself to sunlight in that case, and the world could be left without electric light because the cables would be completely melted by the heat, which would lead to chaos for society as we know it. Until now.

Finally, the batteries of our mobile phones will suffer, like cell phones, and the Internet will stop, as there will be no way to restore it, causing an unprecedented catastrophe. It is worth noting that all this will be in the event that the theory passing through social networks is realized, which may not happen.

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