El Salvador announces a new football stadium with a capacity of 50,000 spectators


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Government savior Thursday announced that in 2022 the Construction of a football stadium with a capacity of 50 thousand people With non-reimbursable cooperation funds from China, as indicated by the President of the Central American country, Nyb Böckel, via his Twitter account.

Which stadium will be The new headquarters of the El Salvador national team At a higher level and the rest of its representatives, it will be built on the land currently occupied by the Military School of the Armed Forces in the western suburbs of San Salvador, to which it will be moved.

The new sports arena will have 50,000 seats, and as the government explained in a video, it will have The latest communication technology, with areas for receiving special guests and for the press.

How much will the new stadium cost in El Salvador?

President Bukele did not specify the amount of investment In the construction of the Sports Theatre, which will also be used for artistic events. However, last May, the Legislative Assembly – which is dominated by parties allied with Bukele – approved a The agreement the president signed with China in 2019 As part of a tour he made in that country.

That deal about 500 million dollars Which include building Playground, pier and water treatment plant In the coastal region of the province of La Libertad (south), a library, among other works. China’s cooperation with El Salvador has been harshly criticized by the United States on previous occasions.

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