Election day in Kenya is marked by small, tense disputes

Election day in Kenya is marked by small, tense disputes

Polls close this Tuesday at 5 p.m. local time. After a busy election day. Unimportant details, anecdotes and rumors can be found in almost every polling station, which as a whole shaped the atmosphere the country went through, eager to find the leader who would lead them out of the deep economic crisis that is hitting Kenya.

In eastern Mumia, two people were arrested for allegedly bribing citizens who were allegedly voting for candidate William Ruto. The bribes ranged from one and a half euros in local currency. In Kitui province, former Governor Charity Ngilu’s name appeared printed on some of her party’s ballot papers, despite the fact that the woman withdrew her candidacy in early July, and the minor event caused a stir in both Twitter as in conspiratorial conversations on Street. Local authorities have arrested Nakuru East Member of Parliament David Jekaria after physically assaulting a voter. It is a small detail that presents indignation and enthusiasm in equal parts, A breeding ground for potential complaints and disturbances To be held in the street as soon as the results come out.

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