Elon Musk’s Starlink network will support connectivity in the Gaza Strip

Elon Musk’s Starlink network will support connectivity in the Gaza Strip

the network com. starlink to Satellites Broadband Internet will support connectivity in Gaza strip Amid a communications outage due to the attacks Israel In the area, according to its owner pole Elon Musk.

com. starlink It will support liaison with internationally recognized aid organizations episode“Musk tweeted on social network X, which is also his.

Musk did not specify which organizations would support it com. starlink.

The United Nations warned today against cutting off mobile phone and Internet communications in the country episodeFriday’s shooting, shortly after Israel announced it was intensifying its attacks, makes its humanitarian work more difficult, and it has lost contact with some of its agencies on the ground.

Starlink was placed in low orbit Land 4,200 small satellites provide high-speed Internet connectivity and plans to reach 7,000 in the coming years.

This large number of touch points are interconnected with technology The laser will allow it to maintain stable communications even if many of its satellites are destroyed.

Satellites com. starlink It orbits less than 2,000 kilometers from the Earth’s surface, so it operates with better latency, speeding up the service to an average speed of 25 milliseconds, according to the company, which Musk added to his SpaceX space project.

On your website, com. starlink It is advertised as “the world’s most advanced Internet system” that operates in “the most remote places.”

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