Emiliano Zurita tells what it was like to kiss Poncho Herrera in Grupo Milenio

Emiliano Zurita tells what it was like to kiss Poncho Herrera in Grupo Milenio

As part of promoting the series Head of Joaquín Murrietaavailable on Prime Video, one of its heroes, Emiliano Zuritavisited the radio program walking, who is driving Fran Hevea, Tanya Rincon, and Vir Guy on ExaFM.

In conversation, it is Son of Humberto Zurita and Christian Bach He recalled one of his previous projects, the movie Dance of the 41st (2020), where she plays the character Evaristo Rivas, the love interest of Ignacio de la Torre, who is given life Poncho Herrera.

For this role, the drivers Walker The actor was asked what it meant to kiss the former RBD member.

How were the intimate scenes with Poncho Herrera in Dance of the 41st?Tanya asked the actor during the super transcendent question box section.

They went on to another project entirely. They haven’t opened that box for two years and that question remains,” Emiliano replied with a laugh.

What the driver asked: Good kiss?He replied:Kissing a guy stings a lot“.

“They took it to another level, wow, wow,” Tanya joked, and Fran Hevea joined in the conversation: “And it was all improvised.”

Zurita played with the drivers and said: “Those scenes weren’t even scripted“.

Then, on a more serious note, the actor talked about what it was like to kiss Poncho on set Film directed by David Pablos: “Honestly, it was something we worked on. Because David Pablos is a director who puts a lot of emphasis on details and characters, the same thing happened on L.A.headed by Joaquín Murrieta, Is doing all of this pre work so you don’t have to worry about anything when you get to the sights, and Something very natural and very beautiful that comes out when you work“.

“While you were kissing him, you didn’t say ‘Don’t smudge, I accept RBD,’” Vir Guy asked.

It helped that I had never watched an RBD, so I took that stress awaysaid the actor.

To which Tania Rincon added: “Because he was not born yet. Real, how old were you when RBD? “

I do, but I went to live in the United States at the age of nine.”


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