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across the The story of Emilio Dessimone 64-year-old who just graduated from a doctor. In a conversation with a local media outlet, he shared details of his history and the reasons that led him to study medicine.

His case spread widely, through his Twitter account, he shared a picture in front of a door medical school From University of Buenos Aires. “What started in 2016, as a way out of the doldrums, ended up being a beautiful 6-year journey, and yesterday I got my degree as a doctor, at 64. The health system is trembling”, books.

What he couldn’t imagine was that Thousands of people were supposed to see the photo. In a few days, his post exceeded 200,000 “likes” and was filled with hundreds of congratulatory messages.

Photo: DesimoniEmilio

The reasons that led him to study medicine when he was “older”

In a conversation with mediator Crónica, Emilio told how he was encouraged to study medicine when he was “older”.

My old man tried to study medicine, but he couldn’t. He always wanted it. At that time I was very much motivated to study medicine, but the last thing I did was take care of an old man and then I started another career, ” The doctor now explained that his father was an employee of a telecom company.

In 1976, Emilio began studying engineering, a profession he left after a year. At that time, she was studying physics, she graduated and began working as a teacher at the National University of San Martin. Years later, he began working as a teacher at San Isidro Raúl National University in Ortiz, at the same time working for a private company in the systems sector.

Later, when he had the opportunity and time, he encouraged himself to study medicine. however, It wasn’t easy because I already tried to study the degree in the previous opportunities. What he said was discouraging him was the difficult social and economic situation in the southern country.

“I have a small business. We have been through a lot of crises and I had the impression (at the end of 2015) that another one was coming. I was going to get depressed in the office not knowing what to do. I tried several times to start treatment, when I set the date that had already passed. Being a university graduate You can register whenever you want. I enrolled in October 2015, in December I got free courses (from the Common Core) because it took me so long to give me the interrelated equations and in 2016 I got in”, is detailed.

Being a UBA graduate, Several courses are directly approved. So in 2016 he was already studying his first year of medical degree at the age of 57.

In medical school, he not only learned everything related to health, but also had to face one or another obstacle: There were difficulties due to age. In embryology, my assistant tells me to “present yourself to be an assistant”. After being approved, I tried to do the little school to be an assistant and on the day of the interview we introduced ourselves (with my classmates), the owner called everyone except me and when he was about to finish he takes me to the corridor and says “here we work with the boys, not with the old people”. Some of these I have, He said.

In addition, they have asked him on more than one occasion “How old are you?” the “what are you doing here?”. Despite this, he did not give up and continued to take his subjects until he became Honorary Assistant in Physiology Chair.

Since the pandemic began, Emilio, like most students, has had to adapt to virtuality. From March 2020 to March 2021 “No one can go” for the seasonsAnd But when he had already received two doses of the vaccine, he resumed his activities.

Finally, after 5 years, he was able to graduate in the subject of gynecology on Friday 17 December. Now I say it is not impossible to do it, nothing is impossible when you feel it”He told the media Infobae.

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