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In order to support the strengthening of the Colombian countryside, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Open ‘Call for Proposals to generate technical inputs based on information from agricultural sector and other sources.

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The initiative, implemented in agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, aims to support the generation of inputs and recommendations aimed at formulating andpublic policy promotion, which allows the promotion of social and productive transformation, based on the analysis of the information generated by National Agricultural Survey 2019 And other sources of information in the sector, as explained by Minister Tito Jose Cristian.

“This will allow us to advocate for increased competitiveness, equity and sustainability of the agricultural sector, from the areas of science, technology and innovation, rural women and productive capacities,” the portfolio head emphasized.

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With this goal in mind, the invitation will receive projects that generate policy recommendations in four thematic lines: rural production and marketing – agronomy – with an in-depth study of self-consumption; peasant, family and communal agriculture; Rural women’s social, housing, and productivity well-being index with divergent focus and science, technology and innovation in the agricultural sector.

Four proposals will be funded, one for each of these items. According to Minciencias, there are $1,440,000,000 resources available for this call. Each topic will have a maximum budget, which ranges from $300,000,000 to $44,000,000 per presentation.

The invitation is to observatories belonging to a recognized entity and/or research groups or research centers recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology in Innovation. In addition, proposals can be submitted individually or in partnership through the SIGP system.

Registration will be open until January 31, 2022 at 4:00 pm and those interested in knowing more details of the call can do so through https://minciencias.gov.co/convocatorias/invitacion-para-presentacion-propuestas/invitacionpresentar-propuesta-para-la-4.

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