A study in mice confirmed that Omicron causes less serious disease than Delta


the alternative Cause SARS-Cov-2 omicron a Less severe than delta disease, as suggested by A study With mice that experienced less weight loss, lower viral load and less severe pneumonia.

The study published in the repository pure, in which texts have not been subject to review by other experts, analyzed the relative severity of disease caused by Omicron compared to the strains. delta s banjo b In tests with models the mouse Modified.

No animal model can predict ‘absolute certainty’ Consequences of injury to humansBut the results “strongly suggest” that the clinical consequences of oomicron infection in humans may be “less profound”.

In addition, they indicated that omicron can lead to Less intense recovery The faster the clinical illness, which is reflected in the reduced hospitalization.

However, due to high portability Because it can avoid “much pre-existing immunity” and current antibody-based treatments, experts are calling for maintaining social distance, masking and restricting internal contacts to avoid a “potentially catastrophic impact on health care saturation“.

Mice infected with omicron were Less severe clinical signs, with less weight loss, lower viral load, in both the lower and upper respiratory tract, and less diffuse inflammatory processes in the lungs.

Note the team led by Eleanor Bentley from University of Liverpool in the UK.

Although mice are infected omicron They initially lost weight just as quickly, recovered significantly between the fifth and sixth day after infection, and showed less diffuse inflammatory processes in the lungs.

Rodents affected by omicron had a Pneumonia Less severe and his lungs “looked largely unchanged”.

They also have a lower viral load. On the second day after the injury, they showed levels of ARN The virus was 100 times lower than in those infected with the other two types, and on day six it was about 10 times higher in mice with Pango B and Delta.

Although it is still “too early” in the spread of the variant omicronThe team adds that a decrease in clinical severity of affected patients is beginning to be reported, supported by observations from this study.

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