Emmanuel Macron kisses the head of a bald man before the presidential elections

just in case? Macron draws attention by kissing the head of a bald man in a presidential election. Photo: Agence France-Presse

Who knows if I won or not, but this Sunday Emmanuel Macron I decided to start today Presidential election at FranceKissing bald spot From a man of good luck. The fact that more than one person will remember the same gesture in 1998 FIFA World Cupwhich is celebrated in that country, and is popular with the French team.

So isn’t it new to kiss a bald spot for good luck, as Macron did?

No, it’s in the late ’90s, before every World Cup game started, Lauren White He went with his guard, Fabian Barthezand before bald spot Fortunately, just like I did Macron. In the end, Galic’s team was the champion of the competition and was defeated Brazil.

And so, this Sunday, under Presidential electionAnd Emmanuel Macron He decided not only to surrender himself to Halloween, but also went with a man and gave him the famous kiss, in front of the eyes of many people who were around him at that moment.

Who is running in the presidential election?

Polling stations opened their doors on Sunday France For the second round of Presidential electionWhere 48.7 million voters were invited to choose between the outgoing president, Emmanuel Macron and the navy Luban.

The Electoral Colleges They will close at 8:00 pm in major cities, and one hour earlier in the rest of the country. The Ministry of the Interior will announce at noon the first very expected participation rate since Analysts They are afraid of something important refrain.

Currently, it is estimated that Emmanuel Macron He has a good chance of winning Presidential electionAnd if so, how much did the kissing ritual of A bald spot?

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