Engineering students from Clemson University (USA) visit Tracasa Instrumental, Tracasa Global and NASERTIC to learn about the work of these public companies affiliated with the Government of Navarre

Engineering students from Clemson University (USA) visit Tracasa Instrumental, Tracasa Global and NASERTIC to learn about the work of these public companies affiliated with the Government of Navarre

A group of 34 engineering students from Clemson University (South Carolina, US) visited the Palacio de Navarra this week, in addition to the offices and works carried out by three public companies of the Navarre government: Tracasa Instrumental, Tracasa International and NASERTIC.

In this sense, the Director-General of the University, Anna Borosco, who participated in one of the visits, highlighted this “enriching” experience of international university mobility, as it “allows us to demonstrate the potential that Navarre has in the region. Sustainability and Bioethics, thanks to its public companies, To establish synergistic relationships that contribute to knowledge generation and attract talent to the Vural community.”

The Pamplona/Iruna Students Expedition by CITI Navarra and its International Training Programme, during which they are expected to complete a one-month residency in the Vural Community, between 4 July and 3 August. Specifically, CITI Navarra has already gained eleven years of experience in organizing this type of training space with students from American universities.

Domestic and International Perspective: Projects at Tracasa Instrumental and Tracasa Global

During this Thursday, students had the opportunity to learn about the work that Tracasa Instrumental and Tracasa Global do, especially in relation to GIS. The group was accompanied during the visit by the Director-General of the University of the Government of Navarra, Anna Borosco. Tracasa Instrumental Managing Director and CEO of Tracasa Global, Mar Gonzalez; Tracasa Instrumental Director, Arturo Barberina; Tracasa Global Operations Director, Moisés Zalba; and Director of Regional Information Systems at Tracasa Instrumental, Pablo Echamendi.

In the first place, the students learned about the work of Tracasa Instrumental, a reference company for the Government of Navarre in services and knowledge of digital transformation, tax administration, land administration and citizen services, introduced by Pedro Mendev, from the GIS region, mainly focusing on the regional information system in Navarre (Sitna), Spatial data infrastructure in Navarre (IDENA) and the API SITNAan open source development tool created by Tracasa Instrumental to facilitate the representation of geo-tagged information in web applications and to develop high-performance viewers.

Subsequently, the international group attended interpretations of the work done by Tracasa Global, which specializes in innovative, high-value-added services in land management, spatial data analytics and GIS, with extensive experience in the national and international arena. There, with the help of Asier Gamallo, of the Software Engineering and GIS Department, and Jozo Ramirez, Head of Software Engineering and Spatial Data Analytics, they learned about several of the company’s benchmark projects, such as GIS applications in entities that manage water systems, that Tracasa investigated Global position of reference in the national sector; and how is it European Air Quality Index The European Environment Agency, where Navarrese consolidates, manages and publishes data collected by more than 4,500 stations spread across Europe.

Navarra, a reference in personalized medicine and supercomputing thanks to NASERTIC

Previously, last Tuesday, young people made another visit to the facilities of NASERTIC, where they were able to see the main projects firsthand through the Director of Personal Medicine and Laboratories in the public company, Gonzalo Rodriguez; Director of Innovation and Business Culture Toya Bernad; and supercomputing specialist, Inaki Martinez. This is how the American delegation discovered Modern infrastructure and equipment Which facilitated the development and implementation of a large part of the strategic projects implemented in Navarra, as well as other advanced services such as the mega serial center, supercomputing center, broadband master plan and data processing center, among others.

With the aim of putting Navarre at the forefront of personalized medicine, in 2020, the Government of Navarre provided NASERTIC with: new infrastructure and a fully automated laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment for specific massive sequencing services, making Navarra one of the three Spanish genome nodes. In this sense, NASERTIC aspires to collaborate in generating a regional specialty that will put the Foral community at the forefront of the leading areas in personalized medicine in 2030. With these infrastructures, up to 9,000 complete human genomes or up to 90,000 full exomes can be analyzed annually in humans. .

On the other hand, university students also visited supercomputing center, It provides processing capability for comprehensive data analysis in the health field and is used by all public and private agents belonging to the Navarrese R&D & i System (SINAI), for all technology centers, research and universities integrated in ADItech and public companies that require it. This center has been integrated into RES (Spanish Supercomputing Network) since 2018 and recently joined the Quantum Spain Project, a national initiative promoted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs through the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence.

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