The United States detains Tamaulipas with 110 migrants on board in a refrigerated trailer – El Sol de Tampico

The United States detains Tamaulipas with 110 migrants on board in a refrigerated trailer – El Sol de Tampico

A total of 110 immigrantsespecially Central America who were traveling in cooler box from U.S tractor It is secured between the Mexican border and United State; The driver who picked them up is TamaulipasFrom Nuevo Laredo.

According to information from the US court, border officers became aware of this fact since the driver was of Mexican descent and who is presumably from border area From Tamaulipas, he was very nervous so he was about to run over someone trained dogs.

They were undocumented from Central America

After the incident, agents made a second review and when they opened the box they found 110 undocumented people from countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

By not submitting legal papers, they are made available to the relevant authorities, who will determine the corresponding process.

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The truck driver pleads guilty

The man identified as Martin “N”, 36, accepted responsibility and pleaded guilty to the May 24 events at the checkpoint. Highway 35.

It was July 25 when the man declared himself accountable to the North American authorities.

The federal prosecutor for Southeast Texas, Jennifer Lowery, noted that the Mexican, who holds a tourist visa, said in his statement that he needed the money, so he agreed to transfer the immigrants from Laredo to San Antonio For 5 thousand dollars.

A man under the supervision of North American authorities could face a sentence of up to 20 years and a fine of up to $250,000.

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Immigrant seizures avoid the tragedies of San Antonio, Texas

On the 25th of July last Tampico sun It reported that a man from Tamaulipas was dumped by the US government (EU) when he trafficked 85 people who were crowded together, without ventilation, in a trailer.

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According to a statement from the US Department of Justice, the 31-year-old, a native of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, pleaded guilty to conspiring to transport undocumented aliens for profit.

The arrest of these 110 immigrants traveling in a refrigerated trailer adds to the arrest of Tamaulipas that occurred a month before the deaths of 53 immigrants who lost their lives traveling in the trunk of a truck on June 27 in San Antonio, Texas. .

with information from Reynosa tomorrow

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