England will scrap quarantine for vaccinated travelers from the European Union and the United States


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on Wednesday that the British government will cancel the quarantine of travelers arriving in England from the European Union and the United States who have received the full vaccination schedule in their countries.

The public channel says that the Chief Executive Officer of the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, made a decision to exempt them from this condition, albeit not from several counter-tests, after a meeting of ministers, and plans to give more details in the coming hours.

So far, only citizens who have received the UK vaccination schedule have been exempted from the ten-day quarantine procedure upon return to England from abroad (except from a country considered to be a high-risk country).

The change will mean that any citizen of the European Union or the United States who has been fully vaccinated will be able to enter England without self-isolating, whether it is for tourism, work, visiting family or attending sporting events.

However, in general, regardless of where the vaccine is obtained, quarantine on arrival from a territory listed in amber plus, such as France currently, or on the red side (in this case, at a specific hotel), will still have to be carried out, like many in Latin America.

All travelers from green countries who have been vaccinated and who come from places in amber, such as Spain, are exempt from isolation, although they must submit negative tests before and after arriving in the country

In recent days, the travel sector, which has been economically severely affected by the epidemic, has pressed the government to ease its international travel policy, in order to save something from the summer season.

In addition to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, which have competencies of their own, they are expected to update their travel policies soon.

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