Etopia Kids brings science, arts and technology closer to children in their urban neighborhoods


Economics and Innovation Consultant Carmen Herart during her visit to Utopia.
Miguel J

Etopia The youngest member of the family has acquired the Zaragoza Center for Arts and Technology since the end of June. All summer they will pass through the colonies Etopia Kids 420 children, 60 per week, between 6 and 14 years, divided into different workshops with topics focusing on science, art and technology. All this from a playful point of view in order to awaken and nourish the imagination of children. Carmen Herart, Economics, Innovation and Employment Consultant at Zaragoza City Council, visited the activities this morning and highlighted the importance of bringing these types of disciplines closer from early ages. “If Zaragoza is to be a source of opportunities for the digital economy, this work to bring young people closer to technology, sciences and humanities is essential because professions will wake up in the future,” Herart noted.

At this meeting, in which she was accompanied by the Managing Director of the Knowledge City Foundation in Zaragoza, Daniel Sarsaand Head of Professional Development at Fundación Ibercaja, Mate SantosThe counselor specifically checked what children were working on throughout the week. In this case, in addition to visiting Film, 3D Invention and Audio Fiction WorkshopsAlso, find out how A satellite the size of a box, which was later launched into outer space to collect data that will be analyzed later. “These workshops are essential, because we remove those barriers that we have from traditional, purely theoretical education, and Children enjoy learning, and from the start they learn a way to see life in a multifaceted way,” the consultant appreciated.

Because the philosophy Etopia Kids is transmission Civil, moral and social values Through various workshops. For this, during teamwork in the colony, participation and joint creativity are encouraged, and the use of free and open source digital tools is prioritized, as well as stimulating thinking. Without forgetting the removal of gender barriers in the scientific and technological field, in favor of the participation of girls in different fields. Currently , 33% of the participants are girls This indicates that more people are interested in these disciplines every year.

In addition, the program also works to integrate and eradicate the digital divide in the city, for them 15% of places in the neighborhood are reserved for minors who are vulnerable to social exclusion. It is distributed in cooperation with a team of teachers and social workers from public and private entities in Zaragoza.

Activities are being carried out under strict security and health measures to avoid infection by the coronavirus. The workshops are divided into Capsule Sets in which all activities are carried out Independently, they have recess hours, toilets, early risers and dining room وغرفة. In addition, the screens carry mask and screen Precautionary Participants also wear a mask. Each kit contains a hydroalcoholic gel and has been combined دمج Hand cleaning routine. Finally, all equipment and course materials It is disinfected every time it is used.

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