“Everything that can be in private hands, will be in private hands.”

“Everything that can be in private hands, will be in private hands.”

(CNN Spanish) — Javier Miley, President-elect of Argentina, spoke to the media after his victory in the elections that took place in Argentina on Sunday. After his landslide victory, the liberal spoke Continental radio And Radio Miter on Monday morning about privatization, his next government and the final confirmation of the Minister of Justice. Regarding this victory, Miley said: “After a hundred years of decline, the system is collapsing, to the point that the elections ultimately end with the victory of an outsider.”

Javier Miley is the new president of Argentina

In response to a question about the possibility of Sergio Massa taking a leave of absence from the position of Economy Minister, he said that it would be “irresponsible for him to remove himself” and described what he did as a “disaster.”

Regarding a possible meeting with Alberto Fernandez, he explained: “The (outgoing) president congratulated me and sent me to a meeting so that the transitional period would be as orderly as possible and the damage to the population due to what might happen in the markets would be minimized.” While he confirmed the meeting with former President Mauricio Macri and former candidate Patricia Bullrich.


As one of the most controversial issues, Javier Miley pointed to health and public education and explained: “Neither education nor health can be privatized, they are on the side of the provinces. The best thing is always to support demand, not supply.” But something like this will not be implemented in the short term.

in Statements to Radio MiterHe also talked about the privatization of YPF and public television.

Regarding the state oil company YPF, he stated that “the first thing to do is to rebuild it,” and added: “As long as these structures are rationalized, they are intended to create value so that they can be sold in a way that is very beneficial to Argentines.”

The libertarian also spoke about public television, which is state-owned, and whose privatization Lilia Lemoine, representative of La Libertad Avanza, has previously warned of: “We consider that public television has become a propaganda mechanism. The 75% that are ‘talkies’ have been treating our space in a negative way.” “With lies and supporting a campaign of intimidation. I do not abide by this practice of having a propaganda ministry.”

Miley’s closet

In response to a question about the formation of his government, Miley said that he is “working with the Foreign Ministry team, Santiago Caputo and Diana Mondino” to work on the international agenda.

Regarding the potential Minister of Economy, he explained: “Now I cannot expose my country’s Minister of Economy to an earthquake resulting from Sergio Massa’s irresponsibility.”

But the leader of La Libertad Avanza spoke of other names: thus he revealed in radio statements that Mariano Cuneo Libarona would be Minister of Justice. Carolina Piparro will be a member of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES); And Santiago Viola could eventually become Secretary for Legal and Technical Affairs.

Other notable statements from Miley this Monday

  • “We will rule by law. Whoever wants to preserve his privileges through violent means will not preserve them and will receive appropriate punishments.”
  • “Before the trap opens, we must solve the Lilik problem. We will try to do this as quickly as possible, otherwise the shadow of hyperinflation will be there at all times.”
  • “We are approaching a 3-point deficit in GDP. It is necessary to correct it as quickly as possible. We have been talking with the Fund for some time.” [Por el Fondo Monetario Internacional]”.

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