Everything you need to know to buy a Sony TV in 2023

Everything you need to know to buy a Sony TV in 2023

picture: Sony

It all depends on the picture and sound quality, but it’s a small difference. XR is a cognitive processor. Its algorithms are programmed to understand images in a similar way to the human brain, which is a nice way of saying that what it does is distinguish some regions from others when analyzing an image. The difference with the X1 is that, rather than analyzing the image as a whole (something TVs do, for example, scale content to 4K), the XR’s algorithms analyze contrast, color, texture, depth, and detail multi-zone at once. Then they check this information against adjacent frames and use it to improve color, brightness, and contrast in real time. Imagine something like HDR, but applied to and has all the features of an image. Sony claims that the XR is 5% more efficient than the X1 Ultimate, which is the most powerful chip in the previous generation.

What does this efficiency mean for practical purposes? During the presentation, we were able to see the impact of the XR face to face with a model with an X1 processor and a professional display. Sony Trimaster. Don’t be fooled by the ’90s looks and scrawny 30-inch screens. These are the ten thousand dollar monitors used in movie studios to fine-tune movies, and are famous for showing the image as it was recorded, without effects or digital editing.

What the XR achieves are colors that are more natural and closer to what we see on a professional monitor, but not necessarily brighter. The biggest change occurs in brightness and contrast. In LED TVs and Full Array LED TVs, the XR chipset has managed local dimming To more clearly illuminate dark areas next to brightly lit areas. This translates to less bloom, which is a halo effect that occurs when light from a very bright object on a screen illuminates dark areas around it that should remain dark. OLED models do not have Blooming problems because each pixel lights up on its own. What the XR does with it is improve brightness and expand the color range.

In short, yes, the picture quality is better on TVs with an XR, but you don’t need to run out of your mind to buy a Sony TV with an XR processor if you already have an X1 processor, especially if the X1 Ultimate, or Pro, is the most powerful of the previous generation.

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