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The new season of the sports competition Exatlón United States is about to start with a signal TelemundoTherefore, it is important to know all the details before broadcasting which promises to attract audience preference again.

more information: Miguel Angel Espinosa from Exatlón United States

Although the show had a scheduled premiere date of January 11 last week, the production announced a new day across social networks and in promotions broadcast over the regular shows for Telemundo.

Separate a space in your agenda so that you can enjoy the best team and individual competitions of physical and mental strength, which will put the teams and all participants in check, who will fight to become the new champions.

The sixth season of the competitive show will begin airing on Telemundo. (Photo: Exatlón United States / Facebook).


Know that Exatlón Estados Unidos will be broadcast on Telemundo from Monday, January 17 at 7:00 pm with classic competitions on Monday and Friday.

On Sundays at the same time the elimination will be broadcast and so on until reaching the final stages, which put the resistance of all members of the program to the extreme.

Where to watch EXATLON United States on TELEMUNDO

The US Exatlón will air Monday through Friday at 7:00 p.m. and the qualifying episodes on Sunday will be broadcast at the same time. , as we mentioned before.

To watch the competition from the comfort of your cell phone, you can download the application from Telemundo Available on Android and Apple.

The prize that will win the winner

The person who succeeds in winning first place in the competition will win an economic prize of $200,000 and eternal glory in the history of Exatlón Estados Unidos.

The participants of EXATLON USA in the sixth season

  • Jaime Espinal (red).
  • Polo Monares (red).
  • Jordan O’Brien (red).
  • Dove flowers (red).
  • Ricardo Osorio (red).
  • Briadam Herrera (red).
  • Hector Gomez (red).
  • Matthew Gonzalez (red).
  • Jennifer Munoz (red).
  • Candy Toshi (Rojo).
  • Anissa Guajardo (red).
  • Isabella Arcela (red).
  • Miguel Angel Espinosa (blue).
  • Emilio Lara (blue).
  • Natalia Palacios (blue).
  • Rebecca Valentine (blue).
  • Jesus “Tony” Beltran (blue).
  • Angel Rodriguez (blue).
  • Yozel Barrios (blue).
  • Fernanda de la Mora (blue).
  • Lupita Gavilanis (blue).
  • Alicia Beltran (blue).
  • April Garcia (blue).
  • Frank de la Cruz (blue).

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