Honduras could not face Colombia in the United States [VIDEO]



Honduras continues to add games without winning and now against Colombia they lost again.

Honduras could not face Colombia in the United States [VIDEO]
Honduras could not face Colombia in the United States [VIDEO]

the Honduras national team He’s still having a hard time with his results, still without a win, and had to come back this Sunday lose 2-1 In a friendly match against Colombiathat was played on the field DRV PNK . Stadium From Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States, as part of their preparations to face CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers.

the catracos driven by Hernan Dario Gomez, they encounter some coffee farmers where there is an old man known as rinaldo wheel, despite the fact that the scoreboard was closed, on the field the South Americans showed their superiority and barely left any space Central America They can’t do much to be able At least draw.

the team Colombian It didn’t take long for him to show his scoring ability Harold Prechus A space was made within the zone, then with the help of a low center Juan Fernando Quintero, who finished with his left foot in front of the tire and sent the ball to save it for her make it 1-0, Which made it look like a landslide would happen in the stronghold American.

As usual, Luis Boba Lopez It was again a number for hHis interference avoided the huge scoreboard and he managed it keep 1-0, It was from basic until the 1-1 achievement, which was achieved by penal. when Kervin Aryaga Executed with a correct shot and placed, to equalize in the 52nd minute.

But the joy did not last long for Honduras, Because of defensive facilities Continue, at the 66th minute, yummy shara She managed to get a space to stand in front of the frame, but decided to come Andres Colorado, who ended up in solitude He made it 2-1 which ended the match.

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