Exploding trailer for the movie “The Mother”

Exploding trailer for the movie “The Mother”

about the Relentless action heroes claim leadership and demand justice in their fifties It’s not just a thing for guys. Thinking of this type of role leads us almost immediately to performers like Liam Neeson or Denzel Washington and their famous roles in the epics “Revenge” and “The Equalizer”, but now we have to add to the equation what could be their opposites. Feminine: not less than Jennifer Lopez.

Mother there is only one

And is that the New York artist-turned-assassin-turned-father of spunk in it ‘the mom’; Thriller distributed by Netflix The trailer, which you can see in these lines, promises a good dose of action, explosions, gunshots, piles of bodies, and shots of Lopez doing pull-ups.

The feature film whose cast has been completed Gael García Bernal, Joseph Fiennes, Omari Hardwicke and Paul Rasiamong other things, manages it Nikki Caro; Responsible for the live-action remake of ‘Mulan’ and already working on the biopic Callas starring Noomi Rapace, which is set for a 2024 release.

‘the mom’, Written by Andrea Perloff, Peter Craig, and Misha Greenand this, according to his summary, will make us accompany A murderous female assassin emerges from hiding to protect the daughter she gave up for adoption years ago, while on the run from some very dangerous men.will be issued next May 12thIn conjunction with … Mother’s Day in the United States! Marketing at its finest. It looks bad, of course, it isn’t.

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