Exports from Nuevo Leon grow by 20.6%: Ministry of Economy

Exports from Nuevo Leon grow by 20.6%: Ministry of Economy

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during In April, exports from Nuevo Leon amounted to four thousand and 491 million dollarswhich means an increase of 20.6 percent over the same period a year earlier, the government’s Ministry of Economy said.

According to the information received from the Secretariat, Nuevo Leon’s exports add up to 48,163 million dollars in annual figuresWhich is a record amount for the state, considering that in April 2021 the annual foreign sales figure reached 39 thousand 060 million dollars.

This was said by Ivan Rivas, head of the Ministry of Economy The increase in exports is excellent news because it means that the business sector has become stronger And that there is complete confidence to continue investing in Nuevo Leon.

Among the April exports, the machinery and equipment manufacturing sectors registered a growth of 27.9 percent, metal products by 66.4 percent, and electrical equipment by 49.8 percent.

Rivas said that though The automotive sector has faced problems in its supply chain due to a shortage of componentsThe state’s exports in this sector amounted to 13,774 million dollars during the past twelve months, with a growth rate of 10.8 percent and a participation of 28.6 percent in the country’s exports.

mention it The home appliances sector is the only important component that recorded a declinedue to lower demand in the USA, after significant growth in the period 2020-2021.

The Minister of Economy added that Nuevo Leon exports achieved a positive performance With the country’s competitive advantage in being a supplier of inputs and finished products near our neighbor to the north, given the constraints and constraints that supply chains from Asia have been experiencing in the past two years.

The government official indicated that this situation is expected to continue in favor of Nuevo Leon, despite the slowdown in the US economy, as the upcoming new investments of the entity are planned for the long term.

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