F1 Australian GP 2023: Bets, predictions, odds, picks and who will win the race in Melbourne

F1 Australian GP 2023: Bets, predictions, odds, picks and who will win the race in Melbourne

Feelings return F1 with the third jackpot It’s out of season. After Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, it was the turn Australia , Where the 20 pilots will fight to give their all and get a good result. Grand Prix where Ferrari has historically been the team to beat and Red Bull had a hard time performing at a good level.

sports news Features bets, predictions and picks to make the Grand Prix even more exciting.

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Max Verstappen victory (1.13 to 1/-769)

That seems to be the trend in 2023. Max Verstappen is starting again as a favourite 2023 Australian Grand Prix: In Bahrain he won comfortably and in Saudi Arabia he was second after starting 15th.

As if that weren’t enough, he has an extra motivation: He hasn’t won in Australia yet (His best finish was third in 2019.) An important detail: in 2022 he had to leave, and this was his last unfinished race Because of the reliability. The Dutchman has the most options to win.

Pole, victory and fastest lap for Max Verstappen (3.60 to 1 / +260)

This is not considered grand slam, Well, Verstappen will also have to drive all laps of the race, but it can’t be ruled out that the Dutchman could end up becoming the biggest dominator in Australia.

Verstappen fees to achieve columnAnd Winning the race and fastest lap is very exciting: 3.60 to 1/+260.

Lance Stroll Platform (6.00 to 1/+500)

The Canadian had to deal with physical issues and his car in this start, but Stroll’s performance was strong.

suppose that Aston Martin It’s the team’s second-best and if Alonso doesn’t have it today, Stroll will be the prime candidate to finish in Platform.

Which driver will win the 2023 F1 Australian GP?

Below is a review of The drivers are most likely to win the race at the 2023 Australian Grand PrixAccording to the bets.

pilot The share / singles likely
Max Verstappen 1.33/-303 75.2%
Chico Perez 5.00/+400 twenty%
Fernando Alonso 10.00 / +900 10%
Charles Locklear 19.00 / +1800 5.3%
Lewis Hamilton 26.00/+2500 3.8%
Carlos Sainz and George Russell 41.00 / +4,000.0000 2.4%

Which team will win the 2023 Australian F1 GP?

Below is a review of The teams most likely to win the race at the 2023 Australian Grand PrixAccording to the bets.

pilot The share / singles likely
Red Bull 1.07/-1429 93.5%
Aston Martin 9.50 / +850 10.5%
Ferrari 13.00 / +1200 7.7%
Mercedes 19.00 / +1800


Where and how to watch the 2023 F1 Australian GP on TV and Stream

The platform that owns the TV rights to F1 in SpainAnd Dazenwill broadcast everything that happens in 2023 Australian Grand PrixWhich will include three free practice sessions, qualifying and a race. Also on the channel Dazen Movistar F1 will also be able to follow the competition live and on demand.

in Mexicoanother year will be the channel Fox Sports Premium Whoever shows everything that happens at the Albert Park circuit on TV, while the online broadcast will be F1 TV Pro allowing fans to follow the action.

in Argentina And in the rest of the countries latin america, stars+ In the broadcast will be the platform that broadcasts the entire Grand Prix. In addition, it will be possible to see in Argentina Fox Sports.

Finally, in United States ESPN sports The race will be broadcast, while practices and classification will be watched on ESPN3 and ESPN2 respectively. In addition, it can be seen through the flow Fubo, you can sign up here.

  • television:
    • Mexico: Fox Sports Premium
    • state join: ESPN Sports
    • Argentina: Fox Sports
    • Spain: Dazen and DAZN F1 in Movistar
  • flow:
    • Mexico: F1TV Pro
    • United State: foboF1TV Pro
    • Argentina and Latam: Star +, F1TV Pro
    • Spain: Dazen and DAZN F1 in Movistar

Watch Formula 1: on DAZN in Spain | At Fubo in the US

2023 Australian Grand Prix schedules from F1

day a class Mexico (CDMX) United States Argentina Spain
Friday, March 31st free practice 1 19:30 (Thursday) 21:30 (Thursday) 22:30 (Thursday) 3:30
Friday, March 31st free exercise 2 23:00 (Friday) 1:00 2:00 7:00
Saturday 1st April free exercise 3 7:30 PM (Friday) 9:30 PM (Friday) 22:30 (Friday) 3:30
Saturday 1st April classification 23:00 (Friday) 1:00 2:00 7:00
Sunday 2 April Professional life 23:00 (Saturday) 1:00 2:00 7:00

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