Salvadoran in the “best eleven” of the last date of the League of Nations

Salvadoran in the “best eleven” of the last date of the League of Nations

Despite the defeat against the United States, a Selecta player stood out in CONCACAF’s “ideal team” and that he did not play in his position.

El Salvadoran defender Brian Tamakas is the only Salvadoran and one of the three Central Americans to appear in the best eleven on the final day of CONCACAF, the governing body revealed on its social networks.

Tamacas appears on the left as one of today’s top players. Although the player was improvised in this position, by coach Hugo Pérez, in the match that El Salvador ended up losing 1-0 against the United States.

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Together with the Salvadoran, they complete the line of defenders in this “ideal team”: Austin Trustee (USA) and Fidel Escobar (Panama). The goalkeeper is Yannis Clementia (Martinique).

Midfielders are Christian Pulisic (USA), Jonathan Osorio (Canada), Adalberto Carrasquilla (Panama), Ismail Kony (Canada) and Bobby Reid (Jamaica). The forwards are Kyle Larraine (Canada) and Ricardo Pepe (USA), the latter scored the goal in which the Americans beat El Salvador.

The Salvadoran’s appointment did not go unnoticed by his team, the Oakland Roots, in the USL, who dedicated a congratulatory message on their social networks.

One of the highlights of Hugo Pérez’s career in the national team was Brian Tamakas. Inevitable in every call of mr.

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