Fantasy and adventure: a movie based on the legend of the chupacabra arrives on Netflix

Fantasy and adventure: a movie based on the legend of the chupacabra arrives on Netflix

A fantasy adventure movie is about to hit Netflix and has everything to be a success. The story centers on a boy, Alex, who, during a trip to Mexico, discovers a young Chupacabra that was hidden in his grandfather’s cabin.

Directed by Jonas Cuarón (desert) and performances by Evan Witten, Demian Bashir and Christian Slater, the production is presented as “a nostalgic journey through myths, memories and the creation of our own personal legend”. Premieres April 7th.

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According to the manager suckingHis inspiration came from the blockbuster films of Amblin, a production company set up by Steven Spielberg. In addition, about the myth that gave rise to the story, he explained: “Talk of the chupacabra began in the 1990s in Puerto Rico, after a pair of goats were found dead with stomach injuries. The legend quickly spread throughout Latin America and the southern United States.

“I first learned about the chupacabra when I was 10 years old. The news spread all over Mexico, and there were sightings in the city where I grew up. I was secretly excited to meet one,” adds Jonas, son of famous director Alfonso Cuaron.

Chupa has its starting point as the Chupacabra legend. (photo: Netflix)by: Courtesy of Netflix

Synopsis for the movie “Suck”

Alex is a shy 13-year-old boy living in Kansas City who travels to Mexico for the first time to meet his relatives: his grandfather and former wrestling champion Chava (Demian Bashir); his cousin Note, a wrestling freak; and her cousin Luna.

“Just beginning to adapt, he discovers a mythical creature under his grandfather’s hut, a young chupacabra he recognizes from existing legends of the fearsome chupacabra preying on farmers’ cattle,” the official synopsis describes.

And he continued, “Alex soon learns that his new friend Chupa and his family share a secret, and that stubborn and reckless scientist Richard Quinn wants to capture him to test and control his powers.”

“Choppa” is a perfect movie to enjoy with the family. (photo: Netflix)by: Courtesy of Netflix

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“Suck” staff

  • Demian Bashir
  • Evan Whitten
  • Christian Slater
  • Ashley Ciara
  • Nicholas Glad
  • Alex Knight
  • Xavier Estrada

“Chopa” is directed by Jonas Cuarón, son of the famous director Alfonso Cuarón. (photo: Netflix)by: Courtesy of Netflix

Trailer for the movie “Suck”

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