Father brutally beats 30 students who bully his children | video

Father brutally beats 30 students who bully his children |  video

Bullying remains one of the most troubling issues not only in Mexico, but throughout the world, Since constant assaults have been presented by the students, which sometimes generate parental reaction.

Like the most recent case that occurred on the campus of a high school in Arizona, located in Texas (USA), after a parent shared distress in Fierce battle with 30 students, claiming that they are constantly bullying their children.

The man, identified as Willie Smith, was present at the educational institution to pick up his children after them They learned that they had a quarrel with a large group of students.

Once the problem was clarified, when the man and his children left the school, some of the principals asked them to come out from behind to avoid crossing other students involved in the problem.something Willy didn’t want to accept and decided to go out for the main part.

Indeed, in that place the students were bullying their children, and as they passed by, the students started laughing at them, which angered this man, That without thinking that he had attacked one of them, he threw him to the ground and hit him repeatedly.

Seeing that one of their classmates was attacked, several students jumped on the man to beat him, a fact that turned into a real pitched battle, in which the teachers and Other authorities in the school, can not be controlled.

The local police were present at the scene, and the subject was arrested. Later in his father’s remarks He confessed to beating the palace in defense of his children.

At the moment, the authorities are analyzing all the videos, to investigate this issue in depth and to be able to issue a verdict. In contrast, a minor under the age of 15 is detained and faces charges of disturbing public order.

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