Femicide in the gaming world. Kill a professional player in Call of Duty


the world The player Each time it attracts more people. Not just sales Toys s keyboard There has been an increase in recent months, which is the trend that has been seen Preferred by the epidemicAnd there’s more Professional players And my viewers Sports. And in that circle, a woman They stand. This is why it is so sad to find out that there are cases like this Ingrid “Sol” Oliveira Who was he killed about Player I met online.

A few days ago Community of players They are wearing Brazilian clothes Sadnes When Females are killed From the professional player in Call of Duty Mobile, Ingrid “Sol” Oliveira Bueno da Silva, who was only 19 years old and was found dead in Berytuba, Sao Paulo.

This wasn’t one of those cases where you couldn’t find a file killer. The young woman was found in a house Gilherme Alves Costa, Known in the world The player How “FlashlightHe’s also a professional Call of Duty Mobile player, and he admitted it Females are killed.

According to Brazilian media, SOL was just starting her career within Sports And join the team The wonderful influence of Brazil

I met the woman “flashlight” through Internet After exchanging some friendly chats for about a month, he accepted his invitation to come to his house to play. He never imagined that he would never return home.

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Without regrets

According to the report of the Brazilian police Especially killer He was the one who called them about 30 minutes after committing the crime.

He also admitted to researchers that he had already planned everything for a long time and assured them that he was completely healthy mentally, and was simply something he wanted to do. “I killed her because I wanted to.”

Not only did Elvis Costa commit the crime, but he also committed it I recorded a video clip of the killing Where he apologized for terrorism and delivered hate speech towards religious sects and women. Before Arrested, The clip killer participated in several group chats as he was an active member, as well as on his Instagram account Gamerselite, a group of Call of duty Who was a part of it, he immediately deleted the video and released a statement separating himself from Flashlight’s actions.

The man also sent Professor Lula Aronovich Feminist activist From the Federal University of Ciara, an email he described as a “commendable act” included violent videos and confirmed that he was planning to commit more crimes against women.

“The killer (which I had never heard of before) sent me an email with the headline“ Commendable Action, ”promising new attacks and several links to videos that I will not open or share. I feel sorry for Seol, the femicide victim. That this is Misogyny Stop threatening and kill us! ”

Of course, messages to support women in Electronic sports It began to appear. For example, the team Jagwares Sports They shared condolences on Seul’s death. In fact, despite the verdict to kill Ingrid on February 22, news about this incident began to circulate after Jaguares eSports sent her condolences via Twitter.

Gilherme Alves Costa is under arrest and his Rule.

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