Fighter Flamita is fighting a double battle to establish himself in the United States

Fighter Flamita is fighting a double battle to establish himself in the United States

Forced to have no chances to overtake the wrestler in Mexico, The Fighter Flamita She chose abroad to prove her quality. A decision he does not regret, little by little giving him international recognition: first in Japan, and now in the United States, where he is part of the company Ring of Honor (ROH).

In that list he earned respect and how Demonic Flamita He hopes to challenge the company champion soon, The Mexican is also Bandido.

“It’s been a long process in my career, almost all of my career has been abroad. I went to different parts of the world, the treatment given to the fighter is a wonderful thing and I want to continue living,” he shares in an interview with El Universal Sports.

To achieve this, his aptitude has not changed, although he admits that the key “is to behave like a true high-performance athlete. Because abroad There is a lot more competition, so you have to be well prepared, in good physical shape, and be stronger.”

But not everything was smiling, he knows what dominates him English is vital To survive outside, an aspect that was hard to beat. “I do not speak the language but I am in the process of learning it. This opens up many opportunities for you. But I have already taken the first step to be there, and now it remains only to show my talent and continue to learn new methods.”

Friction he then had to accept a fact that includes Mexican wrestling Which in a romantic way is still called the best in the world. “The best wrestling is not in Mexico, it pains me to say it because we didn’t know how to take care of it, many fans, like wrestlers. Real wrestling is in other parts of the world.”

Perhaps that is why he does not give up trying to conquer other territories, “I am very impressed with representing Mexico, for being one of the few who works so well with a company in the United StatesCarrying the flag of Mexico well is a challenge.”

Despite its international growth, Flamita, who went to CMLL School And he was an important part of the independent DTU promoter in Mexico, he never gives up fighting in the region where he was born. Projects should only give you a good reason to take it.

This is the case of “Big Lucha”, who has recently started his activities and will arrive on Saturday to participate in the “Face to Face” event, at Bandido’s Gym, east of Mexico City.

“It’s a new option where talented fighters are given the opportunity. In Mexico if you don’t have a name, they don’t help you, it’s been difficult for me, so they have to take advantage of the opportunity that is given to them,” he recommends. , who had a proverb at home to climb the Enlonado, both from his grandfather and his father.

So he knows very well what are the first challenges a professional fighter faces. And now, he faces them like a synod. “Let’s see if these guys are well prepared, I see they post on social networks that they train every day, but in the ring it’s where they have to show what they have. Gravity (next rival) I tell him I’m not going to play the fight, but to show who Demonic Flamita is.”

The battle that will benefit from sending a message to the bandit, The brother of his enemy in turn. “I will leave a memory for both of you. I think there are big challenges ahead, such as being the champion of Ring of Honor, I am also interested in Bandit Mask. It’s a long time rivalry, I just needed a zapper to blast, after working as a team for so long, it really only worked for him, Now I know I don’t need anyone to grow in my career, but I go for it first,” he said.

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