Filmmakers’ Week begins in Cannes


There’s a lot more to the Cannes Film Festival than just the official selection. The “Two Weeks” Festival in Cannes, an independent division of the festival, started.

From Coppola to Ken Loach, through Agnès Varda or Jim Jarmush, all the great directors have released their films here.

Paolo Moretti stays true to this concept

We spoke with Paolo Moretti, the Fortnight manager for three years.

“It is a choice that has sought from its inception to highlight unique insights that often break with established narrative codes. At Fortnight we try to remain faithful to this concept, to this initial mission, and each year, to give a new relevance to the two-week selection and complement to the rest of Cannes.”

Each year, managers give one of their own. Following in the footsteps of Martin Scorsese and John Carpenter, Frederick Wiseman, perhaps America’s greatest documentary filmmaker, received this honor this year.

Between sociology and cinema

His latest movie “Monrovia, Indiana” is an immersion in the heart of the American Midwest, without the usual filters. Between sociology and cinema… I had the honor to ask you some questions about your work…

“I work in solitude and don’t have much contact with people who work in cinema. So it is very good that my work is recognized by people who understand what I do. It is a great honor, an appreciation for what I have done for the past 50 years. So I am very honored.” Obtained “.

“Golden Transport” by Frederic Wiseman

Frederic Wiseman received the “Golden Transfer” at the fortnightly opening ceremony of the directors with a standing ovation.

The first film in competition is Ouistreham (Between Two Worlds), starring Juliette Binoche.

She was in America, in Mississippi and sent a warm message to the entire film crew.

In Between Two Worlds, she plays a writer who pretends to be a cleaner to better understand the world around her.

Fortnight offers directors 24 films from all over the world, which will present a different vision of cinema.

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