Filtered video of a UFO recorded by the US Navy


a Video from the US Navy showing the flight of a UFO mysteriously disappearing in the waterLeaked on social networks.

Jeremy Corbel A contemporary American artist and documentary filmmaker who became famous on his social media accounts, A video tape recorded by the US Navy of what it called a “spherical UFO”.

Jeremy Korbel notes that at least 14 goals have been rated. | Photo: Jeremy Corbel.

You can see the registry one minute A black circular object flying over the water’s surface, suspended in the atmosphereUntil the last seconds It disappears in the water.

The Navy photographed and photographed “spherical” foreign bodies and advanced Transmedium vehicles, and they were seen descending into the water without damaging it, Corbel said in his post.

According to Jeremy, the video was recorded on the Navy’s Omaha’s CIC (Combat Information Center) on July 15, 2019 in a warning area off San Diego.

Among the details that this man mentioned regarding the video, he points out At least 14 goals scoredWhich has a diameter of nearly two meters and was a solid mass.

In addition, he mentioned that those UFOs They moved at variable speeds between 20 and 70 meters per hour. With a flight duration of more than an hour.

Corbel He stressed that it was not possible to determine the “origin, not the launch or landing point” of the objects that were detected in more than two types of radar.

In the post, UFO orange He also noted that the intelligence reports of the Marine Corps indicated that although the body was observed entering the water, “no remains were found and none of the unidentified ships were found,” despite the use of a submarine.

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