Finnish Prime Minister in trouble for breakfast


The Finnish Prime Minister took office in 2019 as the world’s youngest female leader; Since then, it has managed to protect Finland from the epidemic, but today it faces an election accused of using public funds for breakfasts.

By Frederic Vo

Finland, June 2 (RFI).- The first Minister Finnish Sana Marine He was charged with using 300 euros per month from Public funds To have breakfast with his family at the official residence since taking power in 2019, according to an investigation by the Finnish newspaper Elta Lehti.

The newspaper revealed that the young official spends about 300 euros a month on the breakfast of her family, who lives with her in the official residence in Kisaranta, and it is from the public treasury.

According to his office, the prime minister and members of the same household are entitled to breakfast and cold meals – not hot – when they are staying at the official state-run residence.

Another version, based on Section 6 of the Ministerial Rewards Act, grants the Finnish head of government the use of “an apartment in a government house whose maintenance, heating, lighting, furniture and necessary personnel are paid for by state money” but says nothing about breakfast.

Former prime ministers, most of whom did not live in the official residence, were offered breakfast only exceptionally. So breakfast every day, for the whole family… for some, it’s abuse.

Sanna Marine announced that from now on it will pay for all its meals, but this does not prevent the opening of a preliminary investigation.

Municipal elections are due in two weeks, and opponents have found a way to attack it. This certainly wouldn’t cause a government crisis, but it should be remembered that a few years ago, a Swedish minister had to resign for using her professional credit card to pay for a bar of chocolate.

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