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exist teachers that distinguish us for life because of their dedication and support. So, It is important to acknowledge their work. This was the case for the teacher who He gave the shoe to his student To obtain his certificate at the end of the academic year. And that’s because The young man did not wear “elegant” shoes, School authorities denied giving him their respective recognition. Discrimination? We tell you what we know Viral case of Professor John Butler of the Hanville Institute in Butte, Louisiana, United States.

Although it is believed that the dress code is no longer applied in schools, as there are many cases where this is done Economic resources are not enough to get clothes that are considered “good looking”, these cases keep popping up.

The The condition of this teacher and student has gone viral, After he was the same teacher John Butlerwho posted the story on his Facebook account. with a picture Where the student appears in the teacher’s shoes and the teacher is completely barefootThe story was shared.

“Last minute before graduation doors close. Little brother comes walking towards me in a panic. He’s like, Mr. John won’t let me graduate because I don’t have the right shoes for the dress code, and the lady below says I can’t get my diploma because of the shoes I’m wearing.” “. The professor said at the beginning of his publication.

The professor emphasized that this seemed completely illogical to him So he decided to confirm the decision. Realizing that everything was real He made the decision to borrow his shoes, which were two sizes larger.

He explained that though أنه Live this ‘complicated’ moment The student was able to graduate:

“I gave him my shoes. Here’s the fun part… My shoes were two sizes larger than him, so when his name was called, he had to slide his feet like Slestak across the stage to get his diploma. We laughed a lot”, The teacher said.

In this regard, the student said: The Washington Post reported that he was shocked and insulted.

“I was shocked… I was offended, I just wanted to get my degree,” said the young student.

Publish immediately It generated multiple reactions with 27,000 likes and multiple comments appreciating his work Do you like your job as a teacher? Undoubtedly, this story has attracted international attention and has been taken up in different parts of the world.

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