Colombia reopens its border with Venezuela: why did it close it for more than a year?

Government Colombia open the border With Venezuelawhich has been closed for 14 months. Photo: Reuters.

Neighboring countries, with extensive trade and citizen exchange, but always with I found governments: Colombia reopened فتح the border With Venezuela 14 months after it closed, after cases and deaths decreased Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Government ColombiaAnd the Headed by Evan DuqueAnd the Note that transit With Venezuela This will be done gradually and with some restrictions. Their countries closed the border Since March 17, 2020, when COVID-19 has already made progress on the continent.

“The gradual opening of the border Land and river on the border with the Bolivarian Republic Venezuela This will take place from 00:00 on June 2, Although they continue Application of biosafety measures established by the Ministry of Health”.

Ministry of Interior Colombia.

Slow and subtle reopening

  • May 19 Colombia reopened the border With Panama, Peru, Brazil and Ecuador
  • They are also closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Nicolas Maduro, President ، from VenezuelaLast week, he opposed the “unilateral” reopening. the border by Colombia. There are currently about 1 million undocumented Venezuelans in settlement process in the neighboring country.

Although COVID-19 has not been mastered, Colombia Its measures against the epidemic have been relaxed. Photo: Reuters.

close file the border Released on March 17, 2020, 10 days after registration First case of COVID-19 On Colombia. Meanwhile, the government Venezuela strengthens its territorial boundaries, to prevent more citizens from crossing illegally into Colombian territory.

Immigration and Diplomacy

  • Both countries have not had diplomatic relations since February 2019
  • This, because Evan Duque Recognizes Juan Guaido as President Venezuela

Colombia It is the main destination for fleeing Venezuelan migrants From the social and economic crisis. Number of Venezuelans in Colombia It’s getting more and more, due to the fact that Ivan Duque is granted temporary protected status For 10 years for citizens escape from Venezuela.

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