Fire in the Buenos Aires building near the Ministry of Labor

Fire in the Buenos Aires building near the Ministry of Labor
They are investigating the causes: a fire was registered in a building near the Ministry of Labor in Buenos Aires;  There is 1 dead
Firefighters evacuate people due to a building fire in Buenos Aires. Photos: Agence France-Presse

A was registered Fire in a building Offices and apartments close to Ministry of Labor (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Based on reports, A woman lost her life.

A fire broke out in a building in Buenos Aires

he Emergency medical care system He (himself) explained that fire It was registered in 11:37 AM (local time), after obtaining an A 911 call.

to It arrives to the area, Emergency equipment They confirmed that the incident was discovered in Sixth and seventh floor Of the building which is very close to Ministry of Labor.

According to reports, the fire It may be caused by an electrical shortwhich led to a Strong explosionin Buenos Aires.

“We did not see the gas installations. “The fire was very violent.”The Fire Department Commissioner explained, Alejandro Carelain an interview with the media.

he building It had to be evacuation On its lower floors. Likewise, the Emergency equipment They rescued people who were trapped.

Despite that his fire seemed uncontrollable, It was not necessary to carry out the evacuation From the eighth floor to the tenth floor of the building Buenos Aires.

but, To be carefulthe Red alert in hospitals From the surrounding areas waiting Transporting patients.

In view of this, More than 80 people received oxygen. Among those affected is A Three-month-old babyWho was he In the hospital like his mother.

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the rescue men They also managed Helping the dog and his ownerWhich ended up surrounded by flames and a thick cloud of black smoke.

A woman dies in a building fire in Buenos Aires

the Federal Special Rescue Brigade She reported that after fire In building Buenos AiresYes, it was a woman Found lifeless Between the eighth and ninth floors.

So far The identity of the victim is unknownbut “He thought he was coming down the stairs.”The fire chief noted, Diego Soria.

next to, More than 40 people were transported To different hospitals Smoke inhalationTo receive the necessary medical care.

“A lot of them will go into the hyperbaric chamber, and fortunately they will come out of that situation. There are 38 others who were helped at the scene.”precise Alberto Crescentethe same owner, in Interview with the media.

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