La Jornada – Argentine unions react to the measures taken by the Miley government

La Jornada – Argentine unions react to the measures taken by the Miley government

Buenos Aires. In a country shocked by the decrees and announcements of the first measures of the government of Javier Milli, whose Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, ordered an unprecedented “adjustment”, which affects not only the poorest population, but also the middle class and the middle class. And not for the so-called “class.” The first response came from trade union centers and organizations, which warned “that they will not take any step backward,” and that measures will be taken to confront this “blow.”

Even more seriously, it turns out that there are hidden measures in the announcement: starting from January, all subsidies will be withdrawn, including tickets for public transport, trains, subways, etc. The situation of retirees and pensioners will worsen, and pension fund funds will be used, in addition to increasing the rates of already unpaid public services.

Income taxes, from which workers were exempted under the previous Peronist government of Alberto Fernandez, will be paid. The eventual repeal of the law passed in September that abolished these taxes would mean a sharp cut in salaries. The Qatari tax on imports also increased from 7.5 to 17.5%.

If something was missing, the central bank announced that major corporate debt amounting to about $30 billion had been effectively nationalized and would be issued in pesos, while gasoline prices rose by 58 percent and the foreign company Shell adjusted its prices to bring them in line with the new currency devaluation figures. .

Meanwhile, Vice President Victoria Villarroel, acting somewhat on her own initiative, negotiated with senators from the far-right Republican Proposal party, to whom she promised positions that would add them to the few seven senators from the ruling party La Libertad Avanza, and an attempt to represent the majority of the union. Al-Biruni for the sake of the homeland. He would have had support from the radical Civic Union, now separated from the right-wing Together for Change coalition.

He also imposed Senator Bartolomé Abdallah, from the province of San Luis, as interim president of the Senate, for whom Miley chose Senator from Formosa, Francisco Paoltroni, demonstrating Villarruel’s ability to act, a genocide denier. Military dictatorship (1976-1983), and was excluded from the Ministries of Defense and Security, which he planned to control from the position of Vice President.

For his part, Jorge Macri, head of the Buenos Aires city government, said that they are preparing to serve the poor and the middle class, and “we will not die of hunger,” which is what he met with the Catholic Church and evangelicals for. The Universal Church and the Kingdom of God run a fair amount of population here, and in this case they are strongly connected to Israel.

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