‘Five podiums and eight or nine certificates’: ‘Potential’ target for Paralympics delegation – Tellam

‘Five podiums and eight or nine certificates’: ‘Potential’ target for Paralympics delegation – Tellam

Professor Ricardo Crudo, who has extensive experience in teaching and athletics and as a qualified Senard coach, will lead the national Paralympic team in Tokyo, which will include 57 athletes out of a total of one hundred who will complete the delegation (30 percent women and men). 70% of men), for the number of athletes who brought treatment guides and escorts.

Proud of his appointment and confident in the possibilities it would help his subjects, Professor Crudeau gave an interview to Talam:

– Talam: How do you evaluate the preparations of the Argentine Paralympic team?

– Ricardo Crudo: Of course he was affected by the epidemic. Very limited international competitions. Here presence and virtuality have been achieved. They prepared better in Europe. They opened earlier.

T: Specifically, what are the training scenarios?

– RC: Being at Cenard was essential and work was done indoors where possible. The years 2020 and 2021 were very difficult.

– T: How many sports will you participate in?

-RC: A total of 11: athletics, cycling, blind soccer, judo, swimming, rowing, rowing, tennis, table tennis, taekwondo

T: Can Gustavo Fernandez in tennis and Anita Pelletiero in swimming have better chances?

– RC: Of course. And we must add Yanina Martinez, Rosario, the gold medal in the 200 meters for athletics.

– T: The name of other Argentines who have chances to get a diploma or medals.

– RC: In athletics there are many crowning opportunities. The result: Hearn Aura on the shot put. Hearn Barretto at 100 and 200. Then there’s the short girl, the shot putter, Antonella Ruiz Daz. new look. Discool is in the World Youth Championship and ranks first in the world in its category. And of course we must not forget that Los Murcielagos has chances.

– T: What would a good performance be?

– RC: Five podiums and eight or nine diplomas. I see it is possible.

T: What are power passes in Paralympic sports?

– RC: Of course China, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and England. And in South America, Brazil and Argentina.

T: What does it mean to you, in your life devoted to Olympic sport, that you were appointed to lead the national athletics team in Tokyo?

– RC: The culmination of a life cycle. Reward. and proud. I went all the way: I was an athlete, a judge, an observer, an IAAF captain and now a coach. The last touch.

T: Your son also has an important role, right? son and tiger?

RC: Yes, it runs in the family. pedigree. My father was president of Luz y Fuerza and a member of the executive committees of the athletics association. My mother-in-law is the only 46-year-old South American life hero Nelida Caged, and she quickly popped up with Noem Simonetto, my lady’s godmother, Noem Weber. My kids: One of them, Julien, was a hammer thrower, Argentine college runner-up and a multi-time urban champ. Mauro, the athletics referee, will be one of the members of the expedition to travel to Japan.

T: You realize that the Paralympics will have a much smaller impact than the Games, simply put. What view do you have on all of this?

– RC: Neither the media nor the sponsors have discovered the huge potential of Paralympic sports. It moves huge human and even economic capital in terms of resources and others.

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