Flatulence sparks a fight at a spa in Andorra – Noticieros Televisa


Holiday bridge day which should have been a recreation and relaxation for two families in A Spa Andorra has become killer blows Between the two, so much so that the police had to step in, and everyone for a swelling.

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The place of the brawl was Caldea Thermal Centre, considered one of the most popular spa resorts in Andorra. It looked like it would be a day like any other, it was close to dawn on October 10th and they were already closing. The last visitors were in the locker room, getting ready for the retreat.

However, due to carelessness or rudeness, one man approached the other and throw the wind That elicited the courage of the other. The local media does not know if they had any relationship, what is known is that this was the beginning of a battle in which members of their families were involved.

The situation got to the point that the security elements of the spa could not stop the dispute for which they called the police, but even clients were victims of blows from the swimmers.

Finally, the initiators of the fight were arrested and a woman who threw various insults to the authority. Shortly thereafter, the three were released after paying the corresponding guarantees for their crimes.

There was no serious damage to remorse, only a bruise on the face of the person who set off the conflict and some injuries to the rest of those involved.

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