Food is the preventive medicine for all diseases, if you eat it properly you will not need to resort to any medicine.

Several studies show that diet is an essential pillar in disease prevention. It is one of the most studied factors in chronic diseases, although we cannot forget the specific role of nutrition in the correct functioning of our immune system and genes.

Adopting good eating habits brings benefits beyond good form. Food is the ideal way to create the conditions for good health and disease prevention.

We are in a society that is hyper-nourished and paradoxically malnourished, and the World Health Organization defines it as the “double burden of malnutrition”, so excessive calories and some nutrients (sugars, sodium, or saturated fats) are harmful as a deficiency of essential vitamins or minerals. To malnutrition. Metabolism.

The current diet, rich in foods of poor nutritional quality and high in calorie density, does not provide optimum nutrition that favors the normal healthy state of the body.

What kind of diet that helps prevent disease? A natural and nutritious diet. It is also important to explain the importance of living in a healthy environment, engaging in moderate physical activity and having adequate emotional balance.

When talking about natural foods, you have to think about foods that are minimally processed. Of course, a person will interfere with its production, preparation and cooking, but the important thing is to try to ensure that at least 80% of the products that reach the pan are as similar as possible to the product found in nature. This must be taken into account in any product and always choose what is most similar to the one that was originally in nature.

In nutritious eating, when there is a deficiency of nutrition, the body interprets it as a need for food. Choosing poor quality foods will never satisfy your “nutritional appetite” and the calories in the diet will continue to increase without the need for them. However, by eating well, the body feels less comfortable.

“We and What We Eat” The foods we eat have a direct impact on our health, so it is important to be aware of the characteristics of each of them, give priority to healthy eating, and thus become pioneers in the care of our bodies.

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