NVIDIA is its “metaverse,” a hypothetical version of our world that almost looks like science fiction


NVIDIA is known for its graphics cards and video games It’s almost a coincidence. At least that’s what its CEO Jensen Huang believes A recent interview Tell how this was only his first “killer app”, and his great project for the future is actually quite different in reality.

Indeed, Huang seems particularly excited about an idea Create a metaverse (Which is what they call it in NVIDIA Omniverse). In it, an exact replica of our world will be created, merging with it and It will allow you to use it as a kind of protection for the real worldA: Before doing anything in our world, it is best to try to simulate this experience in the virtual world, and if successful, the optimization can be applied in the real world without fear of making mistakes.

Experiences better with soda (hypothetical)

The idea already has its first working proposal. NVIDIA teamed up with BMW To create A replica of her factory in Regensburg, Germany. It will be in that replica that BMW – and which it really is Started Working with NVIDIA in this area – you’ll be testing new business paths, which if they work there will apply to your actual factory.

For Huang, the metaverse “will be the place where we will create the future,” but also It will be a digital world “thousands of times larger than the physical world.”. There will be a new New York or a new Shanghai. Every plant and building will have a digital twin that continuously simulates and replicates the physical version.

Indeed, Huang added that engineers and programmers will be able to simulate the behavior of new software developments that end up in the physical version of a car, robot, airport or building. “All of the programs that are going to end up working on those physical things Your digital twins will be simulated for the first time, And it will be downloaded later in the actual version. As a result, the product is improving at an exponential rate.

The idea is actually not just to use this metaverse as a sandbox for our world. Moreover, Huang made it clear Both worlds will merge Thanks to virtual reality and augmented reality:

For him it would be possible to leave and enter both worlds:You will go to the virtual world through virtual reality, And virtual world objects will be displayed in the physical world through augmented reality. “

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