For knowledge and conscience

He was born on November 6, 1946 in Carrice, Toledo, and died on October 14, 2022 in Madrid.

Cesar Numbella Kano

A great microbiologist, pharmacist and popularizer

He was Severo Ochoa’s favorite student and custodian of his legacy. But he was, above all, a deeply Catholic scholar who tried to propagate the progress of science by standards in light of the values ​​he proclaimed. He did so on “ABC” and COPE until, in solidarity with the dismissal of Juan Pablo Colmenarejo, he left the station.

These lines serve as a tribute and gratitude to Cesar Numbella, the scientist, the humanitarian, the friend. I know that other voices, certainly more legitimate than mine, will refer to Professor Numbella as the guardian of the legacy of Severo Ochoa, as the great Spanish scholar and scholar.

I limit myself to writing as his chief of staff, as an exceptional witness, having been by his side for so long and sharing with him, at the Menendez Pelayo International University, countless diverse experiences. I have therefore had the great privilege of having his direct and direct example, and I must confess that I have admired the President of the University since I met him. It was very easy to work with him and very useful to learn from him, because despite the typical setbacks of university struggle, his actions were always subordinated to the search for harmony and the common good.

Although it is difficult to reconstruct attitudes in these difficult times, if there is one thing I want to highlight about Cesar, it is that he belongs to everyone and has been to everyone, ideas or categories are not important, he has always been free from prejudice full of good faith and eager to correct things. your task. Much said about him, his passion for Carriches, the small town of Toledo in which he was born and which had the wisdom to call him his favorite son. He was also a devoted man, body and soul to his family and especially to his beloved wife Nehli. What unity and integrity they showed in farewell to their young grandson a few months after his birth. Or his immense generosity during the pandemic, which made his knowledge available to the Spanish community. Attitudes, undoubtedly, are typical of believers.

But in addition to his scholarly contributions, presentation skills, and essays, or outside of business and friendship, I saw in him a good, open-minded, hospitable and benevolent man. Diligent, meticulous and delicious. Always attentive, always loyal and committed. Hence, regardless of his career and his great intellectual work, it was his strong values ​​and principles that made him reach positions of great responsibility, both inside and outside Spain, for which he was respected and admired by all.

For years at COPE, in “La Linterna” by Juan Pablo Colmenarejo, he had a section analyzing scientific developments from Faith’s point of view. It was a perfect program that COPE got rid of when he launched his beehive.

His life bore many fruits and his example will always be among us. In the face of his wisdom and humanity, one cannot help but discover oneself and be grateful. Before his memory, still moving, I would like to wish, paraphrasing some of Shakespeare’s verses, “that all the good that he can do and do, shall not be buried with his ashes.” Rest in peace.

  • Fernando Saavedra He was Director of Cesar Numbella’s Cabinet of Ministers at UIMP from 2012 to 2017

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