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Special International Day of Rural Women: Soul and Prosperity

Modern medicine, in some cases, lacks respect for indigenous women from their point of view and culture; In Ancestral Medicine, Maria Ermila Mo Mesita, Doctor of Social Work, said she has a whole ritual that allows respect for that way of seeing ancestral practices, and she fully respects the body, soul, and mind of these people.”

In the framework of Rural Women’s Day, October 15, they raise awareness of the importance of recognizing, appreciating and positioning the ancestral knowledge (herbal medicine, midwifery) of Indigenous women as a contribution to medicine.

Dr. in social work, Maria Ermila Mo Meseta, Casa Huapango coordinator, noted that currently, it appears that ancestral knowledge of indigenous women competes with modern medicine, when in fact “there is a lack of prestige, recognition, and support needed to advertise these ancestral household chores.” “.

He stressed that this knowledge specifically contributes to modern medicine and is a wise and healthy alternative that respects the human rights of women and indigenous peoples in general.

In particular, raising awareness about the discredit of their knowledge as midwives or from herbal remedies; Well, although there are still people who come to them for this knowledge, young people “hardly believe in this, even women are questioned”.

She pointed out that midwives currently work with a small number of pregnant women, and not all of them go with them to receive the children.

“Indigenous women are still invisible in this task assigned to them, and their contribution to the economy and society is very important, but their work remains hidden.”

She regretted that women in rural areas still needed to fight for support to carry out their work.

Although unrecognized in the cities, in the rural communities of eastern Yucatan – Sotota, Yaxaba and Texacaltuyub – they told him they trusted traditional medicine over modern medicine.

Liaison with indigenous women also made it clear that it was necessary for the authorities to establish a dialogue with rural women and to take action with a multicultural and human rights approach to medical services so that indigenous communities could exercise their rights like everyone else.

On this Rural Women’s Day, society and women called to continue organizing themselves to show themselves and raise their voices for the recognition of their human rights.

Editing: Emilio Gomez

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