Sheinbaum completed a mayors’ tour of Azcapotzalco – unomásuno

Sheinbaum completed a mayors’ tour of Azcapotzalco – unomásuno

This morning, Prime Minister Claudia Sheinbaum concluded her rounds of the fourth government report through the sixteen mayors of Mexico City, and her last stop was in Azcapotzalco, where she considered that the reports in the mayors should continue as an exercise in transparency before the neighbours.

“We’re ending this accountability effort, and on Assembly Day, the sixteenth report of all Mexico City mayors. Normally, governors report to the Mexico City Congress, and each year they report to Congress and this year that the pandemic has subsided, that we’re in better conditions, we’ve decided we’re going To visit 16 mayors Mexico City I think this exercise was never done and it is important because if one does not have the support of the people, and if one is close as a governor, it will be difficult for one to walk the streets and the public square and today I would first of all To thank everyone who took part in this exercise 130,000 people in Mexico City as if we filled the city’s zocalo into every mayor’s office and it is an important exercise to bear because one of the duties of a governor is always accountable to his people.”

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