Francia Marquez accused the United States of interfering in the presidential elections

Francia Marquez accused the United States of interfering in the presidential elections

Candidate for the position of Vice President of the Historical Charter. France Marquis, Accused United State To interfere in the presidential elections through its ambassador in Colombia. According to what the leader said, the statements of Philip Goldberg Evidence of US government interference in the Colombian electoral process.

The accusation came during a meeting at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington. This is in response to Goldberg’s statement to the media From 26 April 2022.

We are concerned about this issue, about the possibility of other countries interfering in the elections. We are working with the government, with all relevant authorities, to prevent this interference with the campaign,” Goldberg said.

In his statement on Friday, Marquez emphasized that although Goldberg did not mention the historic charter or Gustavo Petro Obviously, he meant both.

A statement from the US government ambassador, from President Biden, says they have information about funding and possible interference by the governments of Russia and Venezuela in elections in Colombia. The commander noted, although he did not mention the historical charter or Gustavo Petro, it was clear that he was referring to our candidacy and our political commitment.

in the country, The nomination of the historic charter is led by the intent to voteIn YanHaas’ latest measurement of a media alliance that includes EL COLOMBIANO, the Petro-Márquez duo hit 40%.

In Friday’s post, the vice presidential candidate referred to the scenario in which the duo would win the presidential election. “So, if Gustavo Petro and Francia Marquez become president and vice president tomorrow, will that really break the relationship with the United States? I don’t think so, I think we should strengthen it and I think we should build it, because it would be a decision for the Colombian people,” Marquez formulated.

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