Francisco Motero, gold medalist of the 2023 European Para Games, is greeted at Huelva City Hall

Francisco Motero, gold medalist of the 2023 European Para Games, is greeted at Huelva City Hall

francisco Baker, The Parabadmenton athlete from Huelva in the WH1 category, affiliated to the Huelva Badminton Club, was welcomed this Thursday, after his recent successes in Europe, by Mayor Pilar Miranda; Youth and Sports Adviser Maria de la O Rubio; and Economics and Finance Adviser Francisco Muñoz. With him was Juan Carlos Luongo, President of the Andalusian Badminton Federation, and his coach, Carlos Luongo.

During the meeting, Pilar Miranda moved to the player. The honor and pride that his victory meant to HuelvaAnd that she bears the name of the city all over the world, as well as the example that you set for all the people of Huelva, for their efforts and dedication, and for everything as mayor I have to thank you.

For his part, Francisco Motero has expressed his feeling of extreme happiness since then, We have succeeded in becoming national champions and international medalistsBut I didn’t even imagine being European champion and when we finished the match the satisfaction was unbelievable”. The emotional biker also wanted to show his gratitude to his family and the institutions for their “unconditional support”.

In the European Paralympics 2023held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the athlete from Huelva achieved two fifth places, in men’s singles and men’s doubles, and a medal Gold in the mixed doubles method with his Turkish partner Narin UlucAnd it’s the medal that makes him European Champion 2023.

He is currently immersed in the qualifiers for the Paris Paralympics 24 and He finished 10th in the ranking rankings in men’s singles and ninth place in men’s doubles, which, one year after the Paralympic Games, has qualification options.

Paco, as everyone knows him, has it too Gold medals in the Spanish championship Both singles and doubles. In addition, it has reaped great results at the international level. With prominent places in tournaments such as Uganda, Peru or Brazil in 2022 and 2023.

Almost three years ago, he joined the CAETD badminton team based in Huelva, which means a big jump in it Quality and performance, which placed him among the best players in Europe in his category and among the top 10 players in the world.

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