Free Fire: How to level up faster in March 2023 | Mexico | Spain | MX | Play DEPOR

Free Fire: How to level up faster in March 2023 |  Mexico |  Spain |  MX |  Play DEPOR

shooter free fire It allows players to prove their level in matches based on the experience they have gained throughout their battle royale career. Leveling up grants a new reward while providing a sense of accomplishment. However, beginners often need help moving up to the next level.

Let’s see what are the best tips that will allow you to level up quickly free fire In March 2023. There is no need to spend diamonds on more powerful weapons, because you need to fully master the game first.

Free Fire | How to level up in March 2023

Experience points reflect the experience gained in the game. It means that one can earn more points, i.e. gain more experience, by playing a large number of games. The advice is simple: play more to level up faster.

Next thing is to try to win matches. Surviving Battle Royale sessions is one of the community tasks, as well as getting more kills in Clash Squad mode. Remember to combine the characters’ abilities and weapons to succeed in duels.

Another way out is to try to complete daily tasks to get more points free fire. It will also provide them with additional game prizes, including shipping items and other accessories. To this we must add the use of experience cards to quickly level up in the game. Once players get an EXP card (100% or 50%), it will be activated automatically.

100% EXP card is available in the store for 100 diamonds, but you can get 50% of it for free with daily guild logins and in-game events.

Weekly agenda for March 1-6, 2023

  • Wednesday, March 1: The Pirate Shop, Knight’s Recharge, Poyah Pass.
  • March 3: Magic Roulette.
  • March 4: Token Roulette.
  • March 6: Sickle reloads.

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